What We Fly

Our main flying platform is the DJI Inspire with Zenmuse X3 camera capable of capturing stunning 4K video and high resolution photography. We're also finding our DJI Mavic 2 Pro a popular choice with clients due to it's size, responsiveness and image quality. Give us a call to chat through your requirements.

The Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

HD Downlink

Live feed monitoring from drone's camera enables us to view footage in the air

The Latest Technology

4K Image Capture

Resolution up to 4K video for high quality video

The Latest Technology

Stabilised Video

3 axis gimbal technology ensuring smooth footage

Our Team

Paramore Productions specialise in drama productions including narrative feature film work, short films, music videos and community projects.

Through our close working relationship with Paramore Productions we are able to offer over 20 years of experience working in the film industry.  We can have as much or as little input into the pre-production of your film project as you wish.

Because we come from a background in cinematography our pilots both have a keen eye for a beautiful shot so you can rest assured we’ll acquire the best footage for your project.

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Aerialize Imaging also works closely with our sister company, The Motion Farm.

The Motion Farm specialise in producing communications content for corporate films, social marketing campaigns, events and brand films.

Together with Paramore Productions our clients have access to the perfect in-house team as we’re able to help you plan, shoot and edit any project.  Give us a call today to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.

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  • Aerial Stills & Video (not edited)
    •  DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera – £600 per day / £350.00 half day
    •  DJI Mavic 2 Pro (4K footage) – £400 per day / £200 half day.
  • DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal, Sony A7SII and operator – £400 per day / £250 half day.


Safety is always our top priority, so for every job we carry out pre-deployment and on-site surveys to determine whether is safe and possible to fly at each location. With the right planning and permissions it is possible to fly in most locations to some degree, apart from inner city urban areas and near major airports. We even have systems for flying indoors (if the space is large enough).

Weather is one of the biggest restrictions for aerial operations. Our aerial platforms can operate in up to 20mph wind, but ideally we want no more that 15mph for safety and better results. Electronic equipment rarely likes contact with water and so flying in the rain isn’t good idea. Our systems use one of the best camera gimbals on the market and so even in gusting winds we can shoot smooth footage.

We are able to carry out last minute jobs given our availability. All we require is enough time to prepare the equipment, as well as time to carry out pre-deployment and on-site surveys, adhering to CAA regulations and our operating license.

Depending on the payload / camera used flight times are usually around 15 minutes. However, we carry extra batteries and its quick for us to land, switch batteries and take off again within a few minutes. Depending on the job, the amount of flights required can vary and so this is one of the factors that effect the cost.

For film projects and other more technical operations we always work as a 2 man team (pilot and camera operator / assistant).  The 2nd person acts as a spotter for the pilot enabling us to always keep as eye of where the drone is in the air which is a legal requirement for UK drone law.

Given enough space, yes we have systems designed to work indoors using vision positioning systems that don’t rely on GPS.

Once we have successfully captured your footage & images we either provide you with the raw files, sent via USB or Dropbox the following day or we can edit the material ourselves to your required specification.  If you’d like us to produce any films using the footage please ensure we are given a brief so that our editors can work to your requirements.